Blackbird, 2013

deerstalker films WITH transgressive north &

Directed by Jamie Chambers



Ruadhan despairs as the fabric of his Scottish hometown erodes. There are no fish in the sea, no jobs and a steady exodus to the city. Life as he loves it is slipping away and town bard Alec has little stomach to fight the change.

Best pal, Callum, and returning childhood friend, Amy, spark Ruadhan's struggle to keep the past alive. When Alec disappears in mysterious circumstances Ruadhan risks losing everything he loves. His battle to save Alec and protect his town spirals out of control and it becomes Ruadhan who needs saving.

Featuring luminaries of the Scottish folk revival Norman Maclean, Sheila Stewart and Margaret Bennett, this lyrical cinematic fable explores the passing of songs from one generation to another.