LONDON RECRUITS, 2018         

Barefoot Rascals  

Directed and produced by Gordon Main

produced by James Barrett


Imprisoned, tortured, killed - the racist apartheid regime has all but annihilated opposition inside the country. It seems that all hope for liberation is at an end. 

In exile Oliver Tambo initiates a secret plan. He sends young Ronnie Kasrils to London. 

From eight thousand miles away Ronnie is tasked with convincing the apartheid authorities and the oppressed population that hope lives on and that ANC units are still operating across South Africa. 

With almost no budget Ronnie and a small cell of fellow exiles turn to the ordinary young people of London for help. So begins a series of ever more daring undercover missions that send shock waves through the regime. 

A potent mix of never before seen archive footage, action packed drama and candid testimony from the recruits, eyewitnesses and secret police - London Recruits is a compelling journey into the heart of apartheid South Africa.